'We Were Just Trying to Play': Woman Posing as Police Officer Scolds Teens on Texas Playground
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A group of teenagers was aggressively scolded by a woman posing as a police officer in Fort Worth, Texas, on October 16 as they a played on a swing in a park.In a video shared to Twitter, a girl can be seen laughing as she used a large round swing at the Dream Park in Fort Worth. Her laughter is interrupted by shouting from a woman off-camera repeatedly saying “stop” and “this is a children’s park.”A blond woman then approaches the girl and slams her hands on the swing to stop it from moving. A girl standing nearby tells the woman “we are children,” and the woman replies, “No, you’re f***ing not.”The woman then shouts at the group: “Well, I’m a f***ing PD. So get the f*** out of here now if you’re not here to play as a child.” As the group of teens begins to leave the park, the blond woman continues to shout at one girl and tell her that she is not a child. She can be heard saying, “I could literally arrest you as a f***ing adult.”The Fort Worth Police Department (FWPD) confirmed that the woman was not a Fort Worth police officer. FWPD said she was a “possible local resident.”“We are actively investigating this incident for several potential criminal charges including Impersonating a Public Servant and Disorderly Conduct. We #ThankYou for all the tip & messages we received,” FWPD added. Credit: Crystal via Storyful

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    So it wasn't ok for the lady if teenagers pretended to children (even though they might be), but it was ok for her to pretend to be a police even if she wasn't
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    The teens were doing nothing wrong. If this happened to me when I was a teen, my mom would take me back to the park, told me to play, and waited for that woman to come back. I LOVE MY MOM!
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    About 12 years ago, I took my 10 year old daughter to the park. I was sitting on a park bench watching my daughter play with other kids in the park play area. Some woman came up to me demanding to know who I am. I told her to mind her own business - the next thing I know the McKinney Police are there interrogating me for why I am in the park. I told them I was minding my own business, just like everyone else in this park should be minding their own business. They demanded I show my driver’s license, I told them I had not done anything wrong and didn’t show them my drivers license, about that time, my daughter walked up to where the two officers were and said, Dad, can we go, I'm bored. I looked at the officers and said “Are we Done here”. They actually said nothing to me as my daughter and I walked away. Cops and Busy Bodies, not much use for either in this world.
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    Those teens were not doing anything wrong. For once, kids were being kids. I hope that she is found & prosecuted for pretending to be a police officer.
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    nice language lady , you said “this is a children’s park.”!!!
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    I guess, I'm old because to me, teenagers are kids. What's the problem with them playing at a playground. They were laughing and having a nice time, that's the idea of a park. I commend the teenagers for leaving and not escalating issues at the park. The lady needs to be found and charged. The park doesn't belong to her and she needs to learn that lesson with time behind bars to think about it. Next time someone tells you they are a Police Officer, politely ask to see a badge.
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    Anytime I see women like this I just instantly feel badly for whomever is married to them, can you imagine having to go home to that every night.
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    Currently according to NBC5 DFW News the FTW Police are investigating trying to find her so she can face multiple charges...disorderly conduct and impersonating a police officer. So what if it's a children's playground the teenagers aren't hurting anybody. You don't see them bothering any little children or doing anything bad. Lady, needs to go get a life!
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    Calm down lady, it's not like these kids were smoking, fighting or incurring in behavior against the morals of children. kids being kids. Live and let live. Now, she's in trouble for impersonating an Officer of the Law.
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    Buckleys Angel
    And thanks to Facebook in less than 24 hours she was found. Ft. Worth PD already has a lot going on with the former officer who murdered Atatiana Jefferson, so I'm sure they won't let her impersonating an officer just slide. People are watching the department right now.