Hot Water Instantly Freezes When Shot Into Frigid Minnesota Air
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Photographer Carol Bauer decided to make the most of the low temperatures in Graceville, Minnesota, on February 20, by squirting a toy water gun and watching the heated water instantly freeze in the chilly air.The video shows Bauer shooting the frozen water into the air in multiple directions. She shared the footage on Twitter with a caption that read: “Can’t control the cold weather so might as well have fun in it.”Bauer told Storyful she was looking for unique ways to have fun in the snow, and the idea of squirting hot water into the air using her grandkids’ toy water gun came to mind. Credit: Carol Bauer via Storyful

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    silver fox
    It's comical that Americans think Canada is always covered in snow and ice. In reality places like Minnesota, Illinois and New York often have more snow and cold weather than Canada. I guess it's true that a lot of Americans don't even know where Canada is.
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    Is this the best you got Yahoo?
    With all the drama happening in the world?
    Your pathetic.