Yahoo Finance All Markets Summit Asia 2021

2 年前

Join us for the Yahoo Finance All Markets Summit Asia 2021, taking place for the first time in Hong Kong this year. This international summit brings together some of the world’s premier business leaders and standout speakers on the subjects of investing, technology and online services. With this inaugural launch of All Markets Summit Asia, Yahoo Finance sets its sights on navigating business recovery in the post-pandemic era. Speakers will examine the new dynamics at work in an ever-changing and increasingly challenging world, and offer guidance to a bold new path forward.

Yahoo Finance All Markets Summit Asia 2021今年將首度在港舉行,今次峰會將雲集眾多世界一流企業領袖,以及來自投資、科技和網上服務界別的出色講者。藉著這次機會,Yahoo財經將探討在後疫情時代,企業如何邁向復甦。面對日新月異及充滿挑戰的世界,講者更會探討今天的工作新常態,並提供踏上光明前路的新方向。