Elon Musk says A.I. race should pause for six months

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Big tech leaders are calling for a six-month pause on experiments for A.I. systems more powerful than GPT-4. Tesla (TSLA) & Twitter CEO Elon Musk, Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak, and 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang are three of the 1,000+ signatories on an open letter saying A.I. systems can have "profound risks to society and humanity."

Yahoo Finance’s Dave Briggs breaks down why despite some valid concerns brought up in the letter, Elon Musk is the wrong person to spread this message. Yahoo Finance’s Seana Smith joins in to discuss the A.I. race.

Key video moments

00:00:12 On who signed the letter

00:00:32 On Elon Musk’s messaging

00:01:28 On Musk’s time at Twitter

00:01:40 On popularity of ChatGPT

00:02:00 On Bill Gates’ opinion

00:02:30 On the irony of Musk signing the letter

00:03:20 On Musk being a founder of OpenAI