India rail minister supervises crash restoration

STORY: At least 288 people were killed on Friday (June 2) when a passenger train went off the tracks and hit another one. The passenger trains were moving at speeds close to 130 kph (81mph) when they collided.

"It is about the point machine and electronic interlocking in this matter. The change in the electronic interlocking caused this accident and whoever did it and whatever are the reasons will be known after investigation," said Vaishnaw.

Workers with heavy machinery were clearing the damaged track, wrecked trains and electric cables.

"The operation is in full swing and we will try to finish the restoration work by Wednesday morning so that by then, trains are able to ply normally," said Vaishnaw.

Indian Railways says it transports more than 13 million people every day. But the state-run monopoly has had a patchy safety record because of aging infrastructure.