Squishy Robotic 'Worm' Slithers Inside Aircraft Engines For Maintenance

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A new inchworm-like robot has been created that could help with jet engine inspections. Dubbed the Sensiworm (Soft ElectroNics Skin-Innervated Robotic Worm). GE Aerospace says this highly intelligent, acutely sensitive soft robot could serve as an extra set of eyes and ears inside the engine for aerospace service operators. Jet engine maintenance has long been costly and time-consuming, primarily reliant on advanced inspection instruments like the video borescope. These instruments provide crucial inspection data but suffer from limitations. The Sensiworm is a self-propelling, compliant robot designed to infiltrate openings, and navigate through voids and crevices within the engine itself, offering a solution to these challenges. By employing Sensiworm and similar soft robots, maintenance personnel can conduct inspections without the need for engine disassembly. According to Deepak Trivedi, Principal Robotics Engineer at GE Aerospace Research: "With Sensiworm's compliant design, they could inspect every inch of a jet engine, transmitting live video and real-time data about the condition of parts.". Sensiworm exhibits motion reminiscent of an inchworm, utilising two suction-like components on its underside to navigate crevices and adapt to the engine's curves. Its arsenal includes onboard cameras and sensors, all connected via a lengthy, slender wire.