Family Rescues Young Kitten Trapped Inside Fireplace Vent Pipe

1 年前

Family members pulled their house apart to rescue a young kitten trapped inside a pipe in a fireplace vent, at their home in Media, Pennsylvania.

Kass Whisler told Storyful her family realized a kitten was inside the fireplace vent, which was unknowingly uncapped, after they heard the animal crying out. Whisler said the family tried banging on the vent from inside the house, to see if they could scare the kitten out, but soon realized the animal was stuck.

Footage taken by Whisler shows her husband, Josh, and son, Nate, cutting open a metal pipe to free the kitten, after they knocked a hole in the wall to reach inside the fireplace vent.

The Whisler family decided to keep the kitten, after taking it to a local animal center, which assigned them as the foster parents.

“Since we found him on Memorial Day Weekend, we named him Murph after Lt. Michael Murphy. Our last name is Whisler, so we wanted a “D” middle name so his initials would be MDW (Memorial Day Weekend). We settled on Danger! Murphy Danger Whisler,” Whisler explained.

“Murph loves all of us, but he loves my husband most of all. And my husband has turned into a puddle when it comes to Murph,” she said.

“My son realized a few days later that he wrote “Another cat” on our grocery list. I had circled and checked it on the list. That was May 18th and we found Murph on May 26th!!! It was totally meant to be." Credit: Kass Whisler via Storyful