The Apple Hut serves up Fritz’s Famous Cider Donuts for Stateline’s Best

79 次觀看・9 個月前
Our next stop on the search to find the Stateline’s Best Donuts is in Beloit Wisconsin at The Apple Hut. Owner Lori Jenson tells us that the business started 44 years ago in 1979 as a hobby project for her father. It has since grown into 2,500 tree orchards with 21 varieties and a full blown bakery. With so many varieties she says that the pies and ciders taste different throughout the season because they are always using the most in season apples. Lori’s father was the one to start selling donuts at The Apple Hut and she says that he started with just a little machine and was excited to sell a couple dozen a day. Now, their donut machine makes about 57 dozen an hour and on the weekends, it is running constantly. They call them the Fritz Famous Cider Donuts and Michelle thought they were delicious. You can visit The Apple Hut at 1718 W Walters Rd in Beloit Wisconsin. If you think that The Apple Hut has the best donuts in the Stateline you can vote for them once an hour, every hour on each device until 12:00pm Tuesday, October 10 at Sponsored By The Apple Hut LLC