【Kids Up 不停學 更快樂】 體操舞蹈系列:威威列車奇遇劇曲篇
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【 體操舞蹈系列:威威列車奇遇劇曲篇】就算留喺屋企,都要多做運動,keep住健康活力!Music ON!聽住「威威列車奇遇」主題曲,睇住「威威與好友」嘅舞步,一齊郁吓手仔腳仔,愈跳愈好玩!即刻睇片學吓點跳啦~ 快啲訂閱「小紅熊 Redd’s Nature Play Party」YouTube Channel,一齊探索海洋公園,邊唱邊玩邊學習:http://bit.ly/37yKEZW [Gymnastics And Dancing series: Whiskers Express & the Miraculous Journey] Don’t forget to exercise even if you are staying at home! Music ON! Sing and dance with Whiskers & Friends while playing the music of Whiskers Express & the Miraculous Journey. It’s so fun to get yourself moving, from fingers to toes! Watch the video now and learn our moves! Subscribe to the Redd’s Nature Play Party YouTube channel to explore Ocean Park, and to sing, play and learn together: http://bit.ly/37yKEZW 小紅熊 Redd's Nature Play Party: Youtube ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 【Kids Up 不停學 更快樂】 Yahoo TV 全新 kids channel:https://hk.tv.yahoo.com/kidschannel 陪小朋友一齊在家上學堂! 更多節目介紹:【不停學・更快樂】Yahoo TV全新KIDS Channel開鑼 精彩節目輪流放送

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