【Kids Up 不停學 更快樂】「自然‧玩!」系列 一《企鵝篇》第二集
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「自然‧玩!」系列 一《企鵝篇》第二集:解開企鵝不怕冷之謎 南極氣溫可低至零下60度,我們恐怕要把自己包得像糭子般密實才能禦寒!面對嚴寒天氣,企鵝如何可以不穿衣物仍能保暖呢?難道牠們的羽毛有特異功能?小紅熊團隊現在就為你解答! 企鵝耐冷小實驗:http://bit.ly/3a7YBA5 [Redd’s Nature Play Party: The Penguin Episode 2] Decoding the Penguin’s Fearless Take on Temperatures Temperatures at the South Pole can drop as low as -60 degrees. We would have to wrap ourselves up like dumplings just to stand the cold! How can penguins stay warm without clothes at all in this extreme environment? Do their feathers have some special features? Redd’s team will tell you now! How Do Penguins Stay Warm?: http://bit.ly/2T8Lsjc

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