【Kids Up 不停學 更快樂】「自然‧玩!」系列 —《海象篇》第一集
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「自然‧玩!」系列 —《海象篇》第一集:「重」量級的海象是吃甚麼的呢? 小紅熊團隊終於來到北極了,牠們發現身為「冰上王者」的海象,不論男女老幼都擁有濃密鬍子,這可跟牠們的巨大體型有關係嗎?是時候跟小紅熊團隊潛入冰凍的水域看個究竟! 物件重量大比拼:http://bit.ly/3a7YBA5 [Redd’s Nature Play Party: The Walrus Episode 1] What Does the Walrus, Giant of the Arctic, Eat? The expedition of Redd’s team has finally arrived at the Arctic, and there they found the ‘Giant at Arctic’ – the walrus! To their surprise, walruses of all ages are mustached. Is that related to their gigantic size? Dive into the freezing water with Redd’s team to find out more! What's Heavier: http://bit.ly/2T8Lsjc 小紅熊 Redd's Nature Play Party: Youtube ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 【Kids Up 不停學 更快樂】 Yahoo TV 全新 kids channel:https://hk.tv.yahoo.com/kidschannel 陪小朋友一齊在家上學堂! 更多節目介紹:【不停學・更快樂】Yahoo TV全新KIDS Channel開鑼 精彩節目輪流放送