【Kids Up 不停學 更快樂】「自然‧玩!」系列 一《海豹篇》第二集
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「自然‧玩!」系列 —《海豹篇》第二集:靈敏觸覺大發現! 小紅熊團隊觀察了海豹一段時間,發現牠們在水中覓食時總是百發百中。小紅熊團隊都很疑惑在昏暗的水底,海豹明明應該看不清四周,為甚麼牠們仍能準確找到獵物的藏身之處呢?齊來探索其中的奧妙! 觸覺測試:http://bit.ly/3a7YBA5 [Redd’s Nature Play Party: The Seal Episode 2] Sensory Hunt! Redd’s team has been observing seals for a while, and have found that they have great success hunting underwater. The team experienced the dark aquatic environment for themselves, including its very low visibility, and wondered how seals manage to hunt in such low light. Let’s put our investigation hat on and look into the case together! Test your sense: http://bit.ly/3a7YBA5 小紅熊 Redd's Nature Play Party: Youtube ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 【Kids Up 不停學 更快樂】 Yahoo TV 全新 kids channel:https://hk.tv.yahoo.com/kidschannel 陪小朋友一齊在家上學堂! 更多節目介紹:【不停學・更快樂】Yahoo TV全新KIDS Channel開鑼 精彩節目輪流放送

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