【Kids Up 不停學 更快樂】威威與好友跳唱挑戰
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各位小朋友~你哋喺屋企有冇勤做運動,郁郁手仔腳仔呢?快啲睇片,跟住威威與好友邊唱邊跳,日日練習,做個精靈活力小舞王!歡迎分享小朋友嘅跳舞片段,tag埋朋友仔邀請佢哋一齊跳~去片! Hello kids! With all the schools on break, have you been exercising at home? Let’s watch Whiskers and Friends perform, and sing and dance along with them. Practice daily and you’ll soon look like a little star! Share your dancing video here if you want, and tag your friends to invite them to dance along with you! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 【Kids Up 不停學 更快樂】 Yahoo TV 全新 kids channel:https://hk.tv.yahoo.com/kidschannel 陪小朋友一齊在家上學堂! 更多節目介紹:【不停學・更快樂】Yahoo TV全新KIDS Channel開鑼 精彩節目輪流放送

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