Kobe Bryant: The making of "Dear Basketball"
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Yahoo Sports Shams Charania talked to Kobe about what it took to make his animated short film.

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    Nobody will like animated Kobe either.
  • K
    And the world is a better place because ?
  • M
    Opening Scene: Hotel Room in Colorado...
    Closing Scene: Kobe RATTING OUT team mates for no reason
    FILMS TITLE = How to DESTROY a Great Career and Legacy. By K Bryant.
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    is that a glued on smile like the JOKER"S of batman animation ???
  • s
    How much animation did it take for the sexual assault?
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    John rob
    I don't blame them if that had been a run all it had to do is brake the plane he had poss and broke the dang plane so they have a prejudice over passing plays with that stupid rule