Great Dane not excited to go to the vet

16 次觀看・5 個月前
Maddie the Great Dane loves going for a car ride with Mom because usually car rides involve drive thru windows & treats. Watch & laugh as Maddie realizes that something is different with this car ride, as Ellie is not joining them & the destination doesn't have a drive thru window. When Maddie gets inside she quickly realizes that the place doesn't smell like food either. Even though Maddie has not been to this Vet before she knew something was up. Maddie tries to make herself comfortable in the empty waiting room after weighing in at 136.4 lbs / 68.2 kg & then gets checked out by Dr Yassa who confirms Dr Mom's diagnosis that Maddie has mastitis again. Maddie was rx'd 84 Keflex antibiotic pills & 21 Carprovet antiflammatory pills to hopefully get her on the way to recovery. Mom wishes our mobile vet still came out to our area - it was so much more relaxing for everyone.