Woman Drives Into River at New Jersey Car Wash
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A woman in New Jersey got the kind of car wash she was not looking for when she hit the accelerator instead of the brakes at a car wash in Hackensack, sending her SUV plunging into the Hackensack River.Footage released by the City of Hackensack Fire Department shows the moment the woman hit the gas pedal at the Spotless car wash, ending up in the river.According to the fire department, the car’s occupants self-extricated to the shoreline. The driver, a 64-year-old woman, was hospitalized as a precaution, officials said.NJ.com said a man jumped into the water to help the car’s occupants. Credit: City of Hackensack Fire Department via Storyful

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    Too many people today drive cars they can afford or want to have bigger and more powerful ones than they can handle and she's one of them. I've driven all sorts and all sizes of vehicles but as I aged I found midsized cars far more suitable especially in busy places and parking lots. They are also cheaper to run and easier to handle too. Anyone that can't tell the brake from the accelerator shouldn't be driving at all.
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    “Is this the country kitchen buffet? “
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    I always suspected there is a great number of drivers which shouldn’t have a driving license. Oh lord , there are to panels in a car and you use the wrong one.
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    How does anyone presses the accelerator instead of the brake ? Maybe she has Alzheimer’s ,
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    I cannot stop laughing at that one well built guy with the rags. All that goes on and he like UGH???? He barely reacts as two other workers rush over to the water to help. I wonder why he is a car washer. Maybe it was Mom come in for cheapie wash with the sons discount.
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    Shouldn't let Republican's drive because chit like this happens.
  • k
    come on...car wash..not in river!!!!!
  • ░C░h░a░n░e░l░░O░b░e░r░l░i░n░
    It's always old people. Thankfully she didn't take any of the workers into the river!
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    Dotard Fantesticals
    Americans couldn't drive any better than their navy.