Video Shows Smoke Rising From 'Abandoned US Base' in Kobani
Following the withdraw of US forces from a base in Kobani, a local news outlet based in northern Syria shared a video on October 17 showing smoke rising from an abandoned French cement factory that served as a base for the US military.The US-led coalition spokesman Myles B. Caggins announced on Twitter on October 16 that US forces withdrew from Lafarge cement factory.This video was filmed in Lafarge cement plant, southwest of Kobani and showed a smoke rising from the plant. The reporter said in the video that the US forces abandoned their positions and burned their documents before leaving the base.Storyful can not confirm the reporter’s claim.The Lafarge cement plant stayed operating for several years of the Syrian conflict, but was captured by Islamic State in 2014 (see Storyful report here). Credit: North Press Syria via Storyful

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