SpaceX Falcon Heavy's Center Core Crashes While Attempting Landing
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The center core of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket crashed while attempting to land on a droneship in the Atlantic Ocean on June 25.The attempted landing came after the rocket had carried two dozen satellites into orbit for NASA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and multiple universities. It lifted off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 2:30 am, its first night flight.Two of the Falcon Heavy’s side boosters successfully touched down at Cape Canaveral. Credit: NASA via Storyful

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  • J
    They preached many times that this was the secondary mission and the hardest center core landing ever as the rocket would have deploy numerous satellites to various orbits. It would be nice for this information to make it in the article. Let's not get hung up on failures that result in great advances.
  • m
    it's already a good achievement having 20 successful lunched and to have a technical problem at the last one. It can't be denied musk already done the amazing thing.
  • T
    The Real Voice of Reason
    It looked to me like the computers actually aborted the landing when they detected a misalignment with the drone ship platform. Of course I have no facts, but that's what I see in the footage. In any case, they will learn from all the data collected and get better and better at it over time. The satellites all deployed successfully, and that matters most. SpaceX rocks! :)
  • j
    say what you will about Musk - he's a bit out there... but, what the people of his company has done is nothing short of pretty darn amazing. the launch was a success, the deployment was a success, the two side boosters landed on land with success... yet, the only "failure" came when the center core tried to land on the point of a needle in the ocean? yeah, while that last part didn't quite do what it was intended - i'd say given the circumstances & the extreme difficulty... i wouldn't say it's a failure. especially when they've done it before. trying to land a rocket on a floating barge, with a rough footprint of a modest house, in the ocean with waves... you try it. What do they really have to lose, anyway, by trying? b/c at the end of the day, you either lose those pieces in space (or, let them fall back to earth in a flaming ball of fire), you lose it trying to land it, or you successfully save it for reuse.
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    Scott C. Waring, Astrophysicist
    Congrats Musk on the successful satellite launch of 20 craft. Thats amazing. The landing will come in time. Musk for Nobel Peace Prize.
  • J
    Center core: "I'm coming in for a landing... hey what's this over here?" BOOM.
  • A
    I call the a mission a success -and a big win.
  • W
    ULA and all the others expend all of their launch vehicles.
  • E
    I'm curious. If the side boosters landed safely at Cape Canaveral, then why not send the main rocket there? If seems too difficult to land a rocket on a moving platform in the ocean. Another solution might be a large fixed platform in the ocean much like an oil rig, without the rig.
  • M
    But they caught the fairing for the first time!!!