Real-Life Grinches: Strangers Spotted Deflating Home's Christmas Decor in Tennessee
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A security camera caught two people in the small city of Seymour, Tennessee, unplugging and deflating Christmas decorations on December 1.Video captured by homeowner Jason Barner shows two figures prowling around his yard. One unplugs the power cord linked to the decor and flees.“I immediately went down to see what was going on, but was very unnerved by what I saw,” Barner told Storyful.Barner posted the video to the Neighbors of Seymour Facebook group, with several posters commenting they had similar experiences with their Christmas lights being shut off. Barner told Storyful he was “saddened when I learned these individuals had been doing this to other homes.”Many commenters in the Neighbors of Seymour group said they thought the unpluggers were teen pranksters.Storyful has reached out to the Sevier County Sheriff’s Office for comment. Credit: Jason Barner via Storyful