Parrot & doggy take turns playing fetch with their owner
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Bickies the Rainbow lorikeet and Bailey the Australian Shepherd love to chase around there favorite yellow ball. Sharing is caring!

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    while I enjoyed the video - chasing a ball is not the same as playing fetch
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    video brought a smile and a tear. I have a yellow fronted amazon parrot who is 30 years old. She used to play with and "bark" at one of my dogs since he was a pup. unfortunately he died of cancer at age 12. The bird and I were with him his whole life. The last 5 years have not been the same without him
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    Had a cherry headed conure that use to mess with the dogs head, Cherry use to yell "cricket did it cricket did it" the dog always felt like she got caught doing something.
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    LOL, hilarious!!! Parrots and birds like them are a riot, and I love how the dog plays with Bickies as if he was another dog!
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    sooooooooooooooooooo cute!
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    Bailey - "Here. Let me show you how to play fetch. You're doing it wrong."
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    Spell much, the word is " their " favourite yellow ball.
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    I used to have a parakeet that would dive bomb people's head, then fly back on his perch and cackle! Scared the bejeebers out of anyone not expecting it. My brother used to say to him: "You twit!" Damn if the bird didn't mimic him, except it couldn't pronounce the 'w' in the word. Funny as hell.
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