Mask-Wearing Steph Curry Urges Public to Adhere to COVID-19 Rules, Sparking Angry Facebook Comments
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In a video shared by the National Basketball Association (NBA) on July 6, Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry, wearing a facemask, urged people to adhere to coronavirus rules by practising social distancing and wearing masks.The video sparked a number of negative comments on Facebook.“I want to encourage you to continue to practice social distancing,” Curry says “Being safe and precautious every step of the way, but most of all continue to wear a mask. It’s extremely important in terms of stopping the spread of this virus, in terms of protecting yourself and others.”The video is part of a the NBA Together campaign which aims “to support, engage, educate and inspire youth, families, and fans in response to the coronavirus pandemic.”However, Curry’s call was not welcomed by all viewers. A number of the comments underneath the video were critical of the PSA. “The mask is not good for your health!” read one comment from Jason Lansdell. It received 109 reactions, making it one of the top comments under the post. “Fake news. Fake fear. Don’t trust the CDC,” read another from Michael Nav. “Lies man take that mask off and stop spreading the elites lie!!!!!” posted Whitt Whittier.Other commenters were supportive of Curry’s call, with Louis Lin describing the comments section as a “stupidity gold mine.”As of July 8, the US has reported 2,923,432 cases and 129,963 deaths. Credit: NBA via Storyful