'Little Pink Animals With Curly Tails' - Police Dispatch Caller's Description Is Right on the Money
A funny misunderstanding led to a police dispatcher describing what a pig looked like to officers from Riley County Police Department in Kansas on July 15.A video posted on the police department’s Facebook page features bodycam footage from one of the officers on the call, with the amusing radio conversation dubbed over it.The dispatcher informed the officers that some pigs had fallen from the back of a truck, which they misheard as “kids.”“No. Pigs, as in the little pink animals with curly tails,” she clarified.However, the detailed description certainly did the trick – the footage shows the officers finding the escapee pigs on the side of the road. Credit: Riley County Police Department via Storyful

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    Rumour has it that the first little pig was building a house made of straw...
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    LOL gets overused, but this really did make me laugh out loud. "No. Pigs, as in the little pink animals with curly tails."
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    Luckily did not happen in countries with significant Muslim population like Malaysia, Indonesia or Singapore. Though I think Indonesia and Singapore are more ok.
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    The great escape!
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    Shame they did not have a camera to catch her rolling her eyes telling him this.
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    This little piggy was off to market.
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    Poor things were likely on their way to slaughter.
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    "as in children?" wth what kind of cop thinks of kids as pigs???