Debris Covers Greek Beach Following Deadly Storm on Evia Island
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A state of emergency was declared along the east coast of Attica, Greece, on August 10, after debris from fatal flooding that hit nearby island Evia covered the coastline, according to reports.Petraloifi Styliani was vacationing in Chalkoutsi and was woken up in the middle of the night to intense thunder and lightning on August 9.The following day, she went to the beach and saw the debris that had washed over from Evia. She told Storyful, “containers, tables, wood, even vegetables and fruits were washed away everywhere. Friends told me that live snakes were washed away, which they killed because there were small children playing there.”Over the course of eight hours on August 9, up to 13.8 inches of rain fell on Evia, according to reports. The resulting flood killed at least eight people, including one infant, prompted several evacuations, and damaged numerous buildings on the island. Credit: Petraloifi Styliani via Storyful