Wipeout: Driver Uninjured as 18-Wheeler Carrying Toilet Paper Crashes and Burns Near Dallas
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An 18-wheeler laden with a precious cargo of industrial-size toilet paper rolls crashed and burned near Dallas, Texas, on April 1, video taken at the scene showed. No injuries were reported.The incident took place in the early hours of Wednesday, when the driver of the truck reportedly lost control of the vehicle while heading westbound on Interstate 20. According to local reports, neither the driver nor his dog were injured but the flaming toilet paper caused a backup on the roadway.This video was recorded by Mike Forbes, a journalist with local ABC affiliate WFAA 8. He arrived at the scene while the wreckage was still smoldering. “The toilet paper didn’t make it,” he wrote in a separate tweet.Last month, after residents panicked by the COVID-19 outbreak cleared out supplies of toilet paper in the state, a Dallas judge issued a 12-roll limit on purchases that will remain in effect at least until April 3. Credit: Mike Forbes / WFAA 8 ABC News via Storyful

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