Supporters Cheer Arrival of Jeremy Corbyn at Bristol Labour Rally
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Labour supporters chanted “Oh, Jeremy Corbyn” as he arrived at College Green in Bristol, England, for a rally on December 9.Corbyn spoke to a crowd of hundreds in Bristol three days ahead of the UK’s general election, covering topics of climate change, school funding, and poverty, according to reports.Reports said Corbyn specifically referenced the Tories’ failure to fund the National Health Service (NHS), and held up a copy of the Daily Mirror front page showing a boy suffering from pneumonia lying on a pile of coats on the floor of an NHS facility.Earlier on Monday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson reportedly refused to look at the photo of the boy and pocketed the phone of the reporter who tried to show it to him, causing controversy. Credit: Harriet Soderberg via Storyful

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    How many were paid to be there .. all of them?
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    Students and foreign orientated people.
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    He is very popular he is telling them what they want to hear of a better life than they have today, he uses negative aspects of today and predictions of the future that may or may not happen, its the "Rope a dope" Hope routine .seen it all before.
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    They won't be cheering when the real truth about Labour comes out, they promise everything but just ask yourself what money tree is it going to come from, you cannot live beyond your means.
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    Non of them old enough to remember the unions running the country
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    Alan Ogden
    Sometimes I wonder if it would benefit the future of the country if all these students/snowflakes or anyone under 50years old actually achieve what they want, and get this Labour Party into power. They will at least grow up to realise what my generation of "baby boomers" already know, what can happen under a hard left Labour government.
    Sad to say it may well be the only chance they get to learn, God forbid, but
    unfortunately the future belongs to them, we've had our time.
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    long a go
    Must have cost him a penny or two
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    It was probably OH NO ITS JEREMY CORBYN.
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    read "animal farm" tells you everything you need to know about corbyn and the lefty Labour Party !