Starbucks Accused of Exposing NY Customers to Toxic Pesticides
Starbucks is being accused of exposing people to toxic pesticides. On May 21, 10 Starbucks customers in New York City filed a class action lawsuit against the company. It claims that Starbucks continued to expose customers to Dichlorvos, despite employees and exterminators informing management of the risks of exposure. “Starbucks knows about the poisonous qualities of DDVP and knows that it has been used in Starbucks’ stores throughout Manhattan, but has neither taken appropriate action to stop its use nor informed customers about the dangerous conditions to which they have been unwittingly being exposed,” Filosa Graff LLP stated. Dichlorvos, also known as DDVP, is a toxic pesticide found in No-Pest Strips. According to manufacturers, the strips should not be used where food is prepared. The lawsuit says No-Pest strips were found under bagels and near pastry displays to control fruit flies in several Manhattan locations. In a related lawsuit, a Starbucks exterminator is seeking damages following his complaints about the strips. Symptoms of DDVP exposure include wheezing, paralysis, and nausea. The CDC says DDVP should only be used in isolated areas. A Starbucks spokesperson responded to the suit by email insisting participants are arousing public fear for profit. “We go to great lengths to ensure the safety of our partners and customers and we are confident they have not been put at risk,” they stated. This video, "Starbucks Accused of Exposing NY Customers to Toxic Pesticides ", first appeared on

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