South India Snake Catcher Supplies Serpent With Sips of Water
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A compassionate snake catcher provided water to a cobra in Tamil Nadu, South India, on July 23, after hearing from villagers that the animal had probably been poisoned, according to a local journalist.Footage provided to Storyful by Swathy Jayaprakash Reddy, a freelance journalist in South India, shows the snake catcher holding the snake by its tail and giving it water from a bottle.Reddy told Storyful villagers saw the cobra motionless in a nearby field, and “they immediately called a snake catcher,” she said.The snake catcher found the snake in poor condition and asked the villagers what the snake had eaten. Reddy said the villagers said they were poisoning rats in the area and it may have been eating them.“The snake catcher then realized that the snake was dying,” Reddy said.The cobra was given water in an effort to dilute the poison, Reddy said, and the snake catcher took the creature to a nearby veterinary hospital for treatment. Credit: Swathy Jayaprakash Reddy via Storyful