Snow-Covered Cars Navigate Winter Weather in Rochester, New York
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Cars navigated snowy conditions in Rochester, New York, on Friday, December 6.The National Weather Service (NWS) said in its forecast that about one to two inches of snow could accumulate in Rochester during the day on Friday.The NWS said lake effect snow could form Friday night and add an additional two to four inches of snowfall in western and north-central New York.This video shows snow-covered cars driving through the wintery conditions outside of the Greater Rochester International Airport.The weather service said cold air moving into the Great Lakes region could also bring additional bands of lake effect snow next week. Credit: Joseph Frascati via Storyful

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    This wouldn't even make the local news here in Rochester and it's one of the stories on Yahoo? What they do run out of stories on the Kardasians, AOC and anti- Trump news?
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    Attention, Attention world! Rochester NY is having a couple of inches of snow.
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    Before you leave:

    Don’t be the person who keeps your tank just about E. Keep the tank full so you have extra if you get stuck. Take a broom and push the snow off the roof of your car. Failure to do so is illegal in most states, but more importantly it’s a huge hazard to anyone behind you- especially if it’s frozen solid in which case it can break windshields, even at low speeds. Be sure you have a kit in your car. Blanket, snacks, water, phone charger, a book or some other form of entertainment, extra coat, and heavy boots if you’re not already wearing them.

    On the road:

    Slow down. Slow down. Slow. Down. Even with 4WD, AWD, traction tires, or chains, you will not have good traction on ice, slush, or wet snow when you try to stop or turn. You need to control your speed so you can control your vehicle. Leave LOTS of space, especially in front of you. Following distance is your best friend- if you screw up, this gives you space and time to recover if you lose control or stop safely if you didn’t realize you were going too fast. Keep your radio low. You can get a lot of valuable information from how your vehicle is handling and what kind of traction you’re getting by listening.

    If you get stuck:

    Do everything you can to get your vehicle off the road and out of the way. You don’t want to be the jerk who is blocking an ambulance or fire truck. Hazards on, everything else- including radio- off. Run your engine for 5-10 minutes every hour to keep the car warm while not emptying your fuel tank.
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    $100 fine for every vehicle with snow on the roof where I live.
    Extremely dangerous!
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    Just like a normal wintry snowy day in Scotland...
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    Yes, well nothing to see here, Its only GEO ENGINEERING by our Masters...we are probably the coolest part of the world being kept cold at present, seeing that this is where the HOAX Climate Change is being pushed from, after all we cant have people complaining to the Dual Citizen Israeli's running Murika the Dupe can we..