Russia Launches Large Drone Attack on Ukraine's Danube Ports

10 個月前

Russia targeted Ukraine’s Danube River ports and other parts of the country with dozens of drones overnight into Tuesday, September 26, the governor of Odesa and the air force said.

Footage posted by the Volunteers Without Borders Association on Tuesday morning showed passengers on a ferry between Isaccea in Romania and Ukraine’s Orlivka terminal talking about a drone before the sound of the weapons and air defense systems can be heard.

The association’s founder, Gabor Petru, who transports aid weekly to Ukrainian civilians in the conflict zone, was returning from delivering water and clothes to Kherson when the drone attack began, he told Storyful.

Odesa Oblast Governor Oleh Kiper said one of the drones struck infrastructure in the Izmail district. Two men, both truck drivers, were injured in the attack on the Orlivka border infrastructure, Operational Command South said.

Ukraine’s Air Force said defense systems intercepted 26 of 38 Shahed-136 drones launched from Crimea and Russia overnight. Credit: Volunteers Without Borders Association via Storyful