'Porch Pirate' Uses Candy Sales as Decoy During Alleged Maryland Package Theft
A so-called porch pirate used a box of candy as a pretext to approach a home in Laurel, Maryland, on Monday evening, July 15, and hide a package before ringing a doorbell, police said.In footage captured by a doorbell camera, a man can be seen on the porch picking up a package and quickly tossing it into the bushes before ringing the bell.Though the video did not capture any figure stealing the package, it was gone when the residents got home.The alleged thief was the second posted by the Howard County Police Department on July 15, the first day of Amazon’s Prime Day sale. Another porch pirate was reported in Elkridge.Police told local media that popular shopping times – such as around the December holidays and Amazon Prime Day – are especially active times for porch pirates. Credit: Howard County Police Department via Storyful

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  • m
    So, he trespasses on someone's property, picks up a package that is not his, throws it into the bushes (and it is later "gone when the residents got home") but police cannot take any action: America is well and truly.....
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    Ruben M
    Another tactic is people will wear a lanyard with a plastic square at the end with official looking paper in it. Walk around the neighborhood and steal from cars while they look like they are going door to door for whatever. Happened in my neighborhood
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    Man you jus gotta watch lil' Sambo all de time. He up to every £u(k1n' 'ting.
  • T
    Yet leaving your grass grow slightly long or fixing your own car on your driveway will end up in a fine or jail.
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    Usual suspects, all the good folks out got a job.
  • G
    Just what I want to buy at my front door; some candy from a hood rat.
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    This is a must for "The Donald"
  • S
    Guess what the headline would have been if the homeowner called the cops on this guy… “Racist homeowner assumes that man picking up package off the dirty ground is a thief” Go screw your selves media… You’re not lying to the public anymore without people asking questions. And why you are not bringing up this man’s history like the police did is very telling of the kind of story you’re trying to play down here
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    Hardly surprising that most people tend towards being racist is it.
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    What do you expect from immigrants....honest working polite pleasantness ???