'One in a Million' Extra-Point Kick Lands Inside Passing Car at Texas High School Game

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Adding the extra point after a touchdown is usually the bread and butter for a football kicker, but for one high schooler in Waco, Texas, recently, his effort became one for the ages, as it split the posts and landed inside a passing car.

Video recorded by a volunteer at Live Oak Classical School shows the kick, being made by the visiting Gordon High School team.

The ball sails through the uprights and, amazingly, finishes inside the open window of a passing car, much to the delight of fans.

Live Oak Classical’s athletic director, Brice Helton, told Storyful that the scene was unrehearsed. He shared to footage to X where he called the kick a “one in a million.”

Gordon High School had the magic touch for the rest of the game too, winning 58-8. Credit: Live Oak Classical via Storyful