Land Rover ploughs through Storm Dennis floods in Birmingham
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A driver of a converted Land Rover Discovery ploughed through flooded fords in Birmingham today (February 16th). The roads were closed off to normal vehicles, but the adapted 4x4 is built to drive through high water.

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    So long as the exhaust and engine air in take are above the water line there is little to stop a vehicle, unless it is light with good door seals, then it might start floating.
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    Sniffles /Law & Order /Authority
    The Mercedes Unimog is the standard I am familiar with. That goes back forever. A factory Unimog.
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    He can do that because he has a high engine air intake pipe running up the A frame pillar the the roof. A diesel will keep running but, water and electric do not mix well so as the water gets deeper you are likely to get electrical short circuits that will cause all manner of problems.
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    The only problem with this prank is that IF the Land Rover had broken down would the driver expect someone to tow him out?
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    Big Dick
    Would have been better viewing if he had found a missing drain cover
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    ONCE AGAIN fascinating footage is ruined by "the medias'" insistence on showing mobile phone footage as 1/3rd of the screen, with a similar blurry 1/3rd either side of it?! Very distracting, a crass gimmick, and totally unnecessary! What's wrong with the full screen, and a caption at the bottom saying "Phone footage provided by XYZ" or whatever?
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    if it gets a mouthfull of water that will be the endof it Land rover owners think they can do anything with their vehicle
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    What a selfish pratt - when so many people are needing help and in great distress all he wants to do is show off. The vehicle may very well be adapted to going through high water but it could still be swept down river by a strong current meaning the rescue services would be called out for a self inflicted situation wasting time and effort which could be needed elsewhere.
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    My little HONDA HRV 168000 miles young went through many a flooded road today loads of females parked in the flood water saying Help Help as they waded around holding their shoes made a big BOW WAVE and soaked them even more!!!!
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    I bet when the water came upto the mid window he started to brick it though.