'Jealous' Crow Bullies Rescued Pit Bull in Nolensville, Tennessee
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Ronnie Haislip captured video of Herman, an orphaned crow he found and took in when it was two weeks old, bullying his rescued pit bull Winnie at his home in Nolensville, Tennessee.Haislip, who created the Facebook page Herman the Crow and Friends to document the activities of the quirky bird, told Storyful Herman was a very jealous bird and seeing Haislip around his dogs upset him.Herman would peck Haislip as a form of retaliation: “I was running and playing with the dogs and Herman attacked my head, he hammered that beak on my head until it bled,” Haislip said.This footage, shot in October 2014, was the first occasion Haislip can recall where Herman attacked his dog. Herman can be seen in the video pecking Winnie until the pit bull retreats to the barn for cover.According to the Herman the Crow and Friends Facebook page, Herman flew off to live independently in 2016. Credit: Ronnie Haislip/ Herman the Crow and Friends via Storyful
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