Image of Queen and Israel Flag Burned on Bonfire in Northern Ireland

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A bonfire displaying an image of the UK’s Queen Elizabeth, as well as the national flag of Israel, was burned in Derry, Northern Ireland, on August 15.

The burning prompted criticism from several politicians including Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Simon Coveney. He criticised the choice of display on the bonfire tweeting, “whether in July or August, this kind of hatred is so far from the future we should be trying to build.”

SDLP leader Colum Eastwood tweeted, “if you think the route to a United Ireland is burning your neighbour’s cultural symbols we’re not on the same side.”

Footage posted by Aodhan Roberts shows crowds cheering as part of the bonfire collapses as it burns in the city’s Meenan Square. The flag of Israel can clearly be seen draped on the lower section of the bonfire.

Bonfires are traditionally lit in nationalist areas of Derry on 15 August. The fires are held on the August anniversary to mark the introduction of internment without trial during Northern Ireland’s conflict known as the Troubles, and coincide with the Catholic Feast of the Assumption. Credit: Aodhan Roberts via Storyful