High Winds Drive Band of Snow and 'Bitterly' Cold Temperatures Across Nebraska
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Winds of up to 48 mph drove a band of snow across the Lincoln, Nebraska, area on Monday, December 9, the National Weather Service Omaha said.NWS Omaha recorded the strongest winds in the towns of Julian, at 61 mph, and Norfolk, at 53 mph.The Nebraska State Patrol warned motorists to stay inside their vehicles if they become stranded or in need of assistance due to the wind and “bitterly” cold temperatures. “Do not get out in these conditions. It is so cold that it could be dangerous with much exposure,” said a NSP Trooper in a video posted to Twitter.Highs of between 18 and 35 degrees were expected in the Omaha and Lincoln areas on Monday, the NWS Omaha said. Credit: Nebraska State Patrol via Storyful

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    that guy
    In Nebraska we call this December. Come back in February when it’s cold. Why is this a story?
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    I remember in Omaha in the late 60s, wind chill -50...winds blowing, snow blowing, Our furnace ran for 3 days straight. Brrr....it can get cold there. In the winter.....it can get cold.....
  • j
    Melly Kissmas my fellow Cornhuskers. I once lived in Omaha & can remember -14 degrees for two months in a row. All we did was go to work & walk to the grocery store. Now I'm retired & live in Thailand & this morning it was a cool 77 degrees for my morning walk. Last week it got down to 68 & the wind was blowing off of the sea & it felt like 48 which is very cold for me. God bless all of you & help others when you can. I think I'll stay here. Cheers.
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    The only thing unusual about this is that it appeared out of nowhere. It was not forecast at all. Went to bed. Woke up. Got ready for work. Walked out the door and, what the hell is this?
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    IT IS W-I-N-T-E-R. It is called a S-E-A-S-O-N and this cold weather that turns to warm weather in the S-P-R-I-N-G has been going on for many, many years. Google it perhaps, educate yourself and others then prepare for living where you do.
    If it's raining, perhaps an umbrella. If it's sunny, maybe a hat and suntan lotion. If it's winter, a coat and scarf and mitts, snow tires for your vehicle. If you can't handle this or manage it, MOVE. This drama and hysteria, OMG, CLIMATE CHANGE IS BS.
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    Highs of 18 - 35° is not what I consider 'bitterly cold'. Wait until Feb. when the high is in the negatives, then we're talking bitterly cold.
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    It looks like a climate emergency to me!!!
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    bugs bunny
    A low of -8 C + windchill? Melodramatic, much?
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    A - Hole - Man
    Lived in Nebraska for 2 years. Talk about #$%$in snow, Wowzzaaa! Feet of the #$%$ everywhere!