Fussy Bushfire Rescue Koala Takes Her Time Choosing Tree After Release
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Clare the koala, who was rescued from bushfires in South Australia, took her sweet time picking her first tree to relax in following her release from a sanctuary in Adelaide on February 15.In this footage, filmed by a member of the Southern Koala Rescue centre, Clare can be seen hobbling toward an enclosure of trees before carefully inspecting her options for a new home.“Our Beautiful bushfire koala Clare who had a nasty wound in her neck was cleared to go back home this weekend. And boy did she take her time,” a post by the rescue centre read.“We have edited her marathon release effort. She took her time sniffing trees and walking across paddocks.”Clare suffered a neck injury during catastrophic bushfires that ripped through South Australia earlier in the year. Credit: Southern Koala Rescue via Storyful

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