Formula 1 2023: F1 Race Sundays - Race #7 Spain - Race Fantasy & Post Race Recap-numbered GOAT HIT ;)

9 個月前
Welcome to our F1 Post race show covering race results and discussion. Fantasy Pool This year we have created a "RumblenBreak" - Fantasy Team to compete against the rest of the world. We would love your input for how we should play our team. Race highlights: A wild qualifier with some incredible upsets. Great for Fantasy for big name drivers to drive up the field. The official race finish was: 1) Verstappen 2) Hamilton 3) Russell 4) Perez 5) Sainz 6) Stroll 7) Alonso 8) Ocon 9) Zhou 10) Gasly Pack Breaking: This week, we have 2022 Turbo Attax, 2021 Topps Flagship, 2021 Topps Chrome, 2022 Topps Flagship, 2022 Topps Chrome. We are still breaking packs and chatting about the rest of the race. We did hit a GOAT...well a joke GOAT. This commentary is purely for fun, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it. We would love to hear your input about what you thought about the race.