Florida Boy With Muscular Dystrophy Has Firefighter Dream Come True
A five-year-old boy from Florida had his dream of becoming a firefighter come true when he was sworn in to the Pinellas Park Fire Department and given a key to the city, in August.Gabe, who suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, was given a day to remember by crew at the Pinellas Park Fire Department and local police.In a video shared to Facebook on September 19, the five-year-old can be seen riding in a police car, as well as a fire truck, before being taken to the crew’s sheds to complete his training.Gabe is given a special fireman’s uniform before undergoing some intense training exercises including “driving” a mini fire truck and responding to an “emergency” fire hydrant situation.After mastering his training, Gabe was rewarded with a key to the city and was sworn in as an official member of the Pinellas Park Fire Department. He also received his very own fire truck.“Thank you so very much to all involved in making this a day Gabe will never forget!”, a post from the fire department said. Credit: Pinellas Park Fire Department via Storyful