Fire Breaks Out at Under-Construction Ballpark in Arlington
A fire broke out inside Globe Life Park, the future ballpark of the Texas Rangers in Arlington, Texas, on the afternoon of Saturday, December 14.This footage, shared by Rachel Canafax of RE/MAX Trinity in Southlake, shows smoke rising from the under-construction stadium.Construction workers posting anonymously to Snapchat shared footage of smoke and flames inside.The Arlington Fire Department worked to extinguish the blaze, local media reported. No injuries had been reported at the the time of writing. Credit: Rachel Canafax, RE/MAX Trinity via Storyful

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    Bill E Bobb
    Testing the hot dog cookers! Maybe a little too hot. Need to turn them down!
  • D
    Well TheTRUTH did say his Rangers were HOT
  • D
    Dwight S
    Not a good sign when your new stadium is trying to commit suicide before you ever play in it.
  • P
    They had a beautiful ballpark just built in 1994. The summer heat never bothered me or anyone else with me...Baseball should be played outdoors...not inside under air-conditioning.
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    Jeff Pinkstaff
    Such a shame, there was no need for a new stadium. Their other one is about 20 years away from even being considered outdated. A fire at the new stadium is bad mojo
  • R
    Hope it's not a bad omen but let's face it-there was no need for a new stadium. And especially a retractable domed one.
  • P
    Instead of $25 to park it wil1 now cost $30 to cover the set park or they could just raise the price of an 8 ounce cup of beer from the current $9 to $12....or better yet just raise the nose-bleed seats from $60 to $70.
  • w
    What the? Was there serious damage? Does anyone know anything?
  • S
    Gee I hope their 2 "blue ribbons" weren't burnt...
  • r
    Bad Karma . There goes Free Agency