Fiji as you've never seen it before

1 年前
Fiji is a land of immense beauty, mystery, and magical sights. These islands were created by fire and lava as volcanoes erupted millions of years ago, spewing rock, ash, and steam into the air. The debris settled and formed immense piles that became the islands that we see today. Eons of rain, erosion, wind, and other forces created a soil that sustained life. Birds settled here. Animals drifted on the ocean currents and found their way ashore. The animal life thrived and people followed. The islands are dotted with lakes and waterfalls. Spectacular, roaring water falls from great heights, creating mist and lush stands of vegetation. The world underwater is equally breath taking. Corals, fish, turtles, and other wildlife thrive in the domain beneath the waves. Sharks of all kinds patrol these waters, keeping populations in check and preserving the delicate balance that is needed in this realm. Dolphins dance on the surface, delighting those fortunate to catch a glimpse of their antics. The people in Fiji are welcoming and warm, extending their hospitality and their kindness to visitors who venture to these islands to experience the beauty and adventure that awaits.