Deployed Dad Dressed as School Mascot Surprises Three Sons in Rockland
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Sgt. Michael Leone, deployed with the 181st Infantry Regiment of the Massachusetts Army National Guard, donned a Rockland (Massachusetts) Bulldog costume in order to surprise his three sons at R. Stewart Esten Elementary School on December 6.This footage from Rockland Public Schools shows the three Leone boys, Nathan, age 5, Tyler, age 8, and Tolan, age 6, at “what was believed to be a routine assembly.” The mascot approached the boys, removed the head and pulled off the surprise. The boys immediately recognized and hugged their dad.Leone has been deployed to the Djibouti-Somalia border since February.“People were screaming, teachers were crying, everything played out exactly how I had hoped,” Principal Marilyn Smith said in a release sent to Storyful. “We have a tradition at this school of supporting our veterans for everything they do, so to be able to have an event like this really meant a lot.” Credit: Rockland Public Schools via Storyful

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    That had to be the greatest feeling in the world! Those little guys seeing their Dad was priceless. There's nothing better than a family together. Best wishes to them.
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    So sweet. I love to see soldiers coming home to their families!
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    aww that was so sweet. I cried!
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    Makes my day! Thanks and God Bless all our men and women away from home.
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    Get Real
    Love these reunions! ❤️
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    Richard B
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    I never tire of these videos, they are so sweet.
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    Sgt. Leone, Thank you for serving our country. God Bless you. So precious to see you with your three adorable little boys. Welcome home. Have a very Merry Christmas with your family and a blessed New Year.
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    I caught something in my eye and it won't stop tearin.
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    I never ever get tired of seeing veterans reunited with families and pets. I wish them all a safe return.