Bison Trot Alongside Bikers on Way to Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
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Mary Benton and her husband came across a traffic jam of an unusual kind in South Dakota on August 10, when they got stuck behind not just a line of bikers headed to the Sturgis Rally, but also a herd of bison that trotted by.Benton said she recorded the video along Iron Mountain Road, near Custer State Park, as the bikers and her car came to a standstill as the bison passed.Benton said the bison were “overwhelmed” by the traffic and began to run alongside the bikers in the opposite direction.The Sturgis Rally draws hundreds of thousands of motorcyclists from across the nation, usually averaging an attendance of 450,000 visitors. The coronavirus pandemic was expected to lessen attendance this year, with city officials expecting about 250,000 people, local media reported.The festival runs from August 7 until August 16. Credit: Mary Benton via Storyful