Bear Cubs Tussle in British Columbia Woman's Yard
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A woman in Campbell River, British Columbia, says a family of black bears has been making regularly visits to the yard outside her home which have been captured on her home-security cameras.Kym-Dean Hansen told CTV that a a mother and her two cubs, dubbed Yogi and Booboo by Hansen’s grandson, live in the forest near her home and began visiting her property in the fall.Speaking to Storyful, Hansen said the bears had visited “almost every night.” This video, which Hansen says was recorded on December 1, shows the two cubs perusing her yard and engaging in some light tussling.According to CTV, Hansen said the bears “just saunter around and have a look and see if I’ve left anything out, which I make sure I do not.” She told the Canadian broadcaster that the mother bear had recently stolen an entire empty garbage can from outside her home, forcing her to “go traipsing through the forest to find it.” Credit: Kym-Dean Hansen via Storyful