Adorable Tassie Devil Joeys Pass First Health Check
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Four Tasmanian devil joeys had their first visit to the vet at Monarto Zoo, in South Australia, on September 19.‘’Mum Thumbelina enjoyed a short rest while the squirming joeys were weighed, microchipped, and had their teeth, digits, and general health checked,’’ said a spokesperson for Monarto Zoo.The joeys weighed in at a healthy 945g, 930g, 900g, and 835g, respectively.Monarto Zoo Keeper Simon Dower said he was very happy with the joeys development.“Raising these joeys in a behind-the-scenes environment is essential to prepare them in case an opportunity arises to reintroduce devils into the wild,” Simon said. Credit: Monarto Zoo via Storyful

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    Great the little guys are healthy. They may be cute, but make bad pets. As they mature, they never form a bond. You won't see or get any affection from them.