'Tough' 4-Year-Old Boy Sent Tumbling in Oklahoma Drill
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A four-year-old football fan was sent tumbling to the floor when a family friend ran a high-impact drill with him in Arlington, Texas, on August 17.Keandre Paxton’s younger brother Ryan was putting on his football gear at home when Paxton’s friend offered to help him with an Oklahoma drill, a full-contact exercise that pits two players against each other.This video shows Dillon Berquist and Ryan – outfitted in a jersey, helmet, and gloves – lying on the ground in preparation for the drill. Ryan makes the verbal call to start the exercise as the two rise into position. Berquist runs at the boy, knocking him off his feet, and sending him onto the floor giggling.Berquist said after the drill, Ryan laughed and got back up, adding that he’s “a tough one.”Ryan “loves football so much,” Berquist told Storyful.“[Ryan] is only four years old and already does cone drills by himself in the backyard,” Berquist said. Credit: Keandre Paxton via Storyful
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    good for the kid! he will never get old as he will die very young for brain damage!
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    Only stupid #$%$ do this to a 4 years old and laugh afterwards.... Americans ? it figures !
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    PM Bojo Johntson done a similar tackle on a young kid