That's the Spirit: New Jersey House Features Next-Level Halloween Decorations
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Gina and Rich Martorana of Wayne, New Jersey, went all-out when it came to their Halloween display this year. More than 200 inflatable decorations stretched across their property, a video posted to Facebook on October 15 shows.Wayne resident John Bottge was driving around his neighborhood when he saw the house for the first time and couldn’t believe it. “I’ve never seen a house this elaborately decorated for Halloween anywhere near me,” he told Storyful.The video shows large inflatable pumpkins, ghosts, ghouls, and other spooky figures covering the majority of the front lawn and the exterior of the house.The Martorana family began their annual holiday decorating in 2013 with only three inflatables, which is nothing compared to the 218 they have for Halloween this year.As the collection has grown, so has the house’s reputation as a Halloween destination. For 2019, the Martoranas are reported to be preparing 1,500 candy sacks for trick-or-treaters, according to area residents who aren’t able to swing by the Martorana house by October 31, Christmas is just around the corner. In December, the Martoranas put on an even more over-the-top holiday display, featuring 250 inflatables and toy giveaways to underprivileged children. Credit: John Bottge via Storyful

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