Taiwan Unveils First Domestically Produced Submarine

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The Taiwanese government unveiled its first domestically produced submarine, the Hai Kun, at a ceremony in Kaohsiung on Thursday, September 28.

Footage from the government shows the vessel draped in a Taiwanese flag. The footage also shows the unveiling ceremony, overseen by President Tsai Ing-wen.

Tsai wrote on her Facebook: “In the past, the nationalization of the submarine was considered an ‘impossible mission’; today, the submarine of our own design and construction is presented in front of the eyes of the people of Taiwan.”

She continued: “It has been a long, tortuous, and difficult process from scratch. In particular, the submarine is the highest standard of shipbuilding technology, and it is the first time that Taiwan builds its own submarine, so the challenge is very great.”

By 2025, Taiwan’s navy will have three fully functional submarines including the Hai Kun, Tsai said. Credit: Presidential Office of Taiwan via Storyful