Stay Away From My Kids! Momma Bear Protects Cubs From Dogs in Backyard Face-Off
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A North Carolina family’s pet dachshunds survived the wrath of a mother bear protecting her two cubs on July 31.Corey Rimmer Veil shared security footage of the moment the animals came face-to-face, after she let the dogs out to relieve themselves.The footage went viral on August 10, after being shared by WSBT News.Rimmer Veil said she lets the dogs out before leaving for work each day, but on this occasion, “I didn’t see the bears around the corner from the back door, where I normally wait for the dogs.”She continued, “When the dogs started barking and running away, I looked around the corner to see the dogs headed toward a family of bears.”The footage shows one cub scampering away, while the other clambers up a nearby tree as the dogs approach them. The mother bear then chases after both dogs, forcing them back towards the house.“I screamed for my husband for help because I thought my dogs would be injured or worse,” she said. “Luckily, they escaped unharmed.” Credit: Corey Rimmer Veil via Storyful