Sea Dog Vs. Tuna: 'Fisherman's Best Friend' Freaked Out by Catch of the Day
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Alaska-based fisherman Kale Pixey has slowly introduced his Welsh terrier, Maggie, to life on the sea since being bequeathed the curious pooch in his grandfather’s will.It’s not all been plain sailing though, as this video of Maggie getting used to the sight of albacore tuna shows. Pixey had just pulled the pair of tuna from the Pacific Ocean and Maggie — or Boat Dog Maggie, as she goes by on Instagram — appears quite confused as to what the two sea creatures are as they continue to move on the boat deck.Despite her initial curiosity (this video, Pixey said, was recorded in July of 2019) Storyful was told that Maggie “showed no interest after a couple months” in the tuna caught by her owner.Pixey told Storyful that Maggie is quite the adventurer, having been on “Alaska riverboats, 600 miles offshore tuna fishing, to San Francisco, crabbing right outside of the Golden Gate.” Credit: Kale Pixey via Storyful

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