'Save Water, Shower With Friends' - Foamy Float Spreads Green Message at San Diego Pride Parade
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Amid the rainbow flags there was a green message being spread at the 2019 San Diego Pride Parade. One float was a mobile foam party, pulled by a modified fire truck.“Save water! Shower with friends!” read the banner hanging from the foam tank as it extolled the virtues of using biodegradable foam and low-pressure shower heads to save water.The float was from soap maker Dr Bonner’s. Its website says the All-One Magic Foam Experience is an “ecological and exhilarating foam ‘shower’ that covers you in foam and leaves you feeling refreshed and tingly-clean.” The foam experience can be hired for beach parties, music festivals and other events, Dr Bonner’s says.With a changing climate, Californian Water Boards has urged consumers to “move beyond temporary emergency drought measures and adopt permanent changes to use water more wisely and prepare for more frequent and persistent periods of limited water supply.” Credit: Shawn White via Storyful

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    The government paid for this? Seriously?